Muir App – Synchronized Web Preview on your Mobile Devices – Mobile Browser Testing

We put a video together to show off setting up Muir and it’s capabilities. Check it out.

10 Comments on “Muir App – Synchronized Web Preview on your Mobile Devices – Mobile Browser Testing

    • Hey there, Qwerty, we actually do support localhost testing. As long as your web server on your local machine is accessible from the rest of your network, we substitute your IP address to the mobile clients for testing.

  1. Hi!
    I’d like to ask two things about your application, which seems really cool:
    1. Does it support scrolls, clicks, page reload, form input? If it doesn’t support form input, is it possible to login in a separate tab and continue in the first tab as logged in?
    2. Does it support remote debugging (like weinre) ?

    • Thanks for the question!

      We do have a It does support page refresh, but not form input (would require a central cloud architecture and dev-cycle javascript). If you log in on devices, then the synchronized browsing of the logged in interfaces will work fine.

      If you set up Weinre as a local apache host and then connect to it in your local browser, Muir clients should see it just fine like a normal web server. It just needs to be on a local network and open for connections from the mobile devices for browsing.

    • We’ve been thinking about it, but my understanding is that you can use Weinre as a separate app on your desktop and have full control over it… it is actually on our list to investigate here in Feb. Trying to do one feature/investigation for major features each month now if we can.

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